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❄️Cold season is coming!❄️ Here at Blue Ridge Heating & Air we’re taking every measure possible to ensure that our neighbors will not experience any heating failures during the approaching cold season.

We are currently offering our Blue Ridge Heating & Air Well Check for only $69 per system!


(864)977-8562 or (828)276-1385

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As a homeowner if you are investing in a new HVAC system, you should look for an installer that completes the following five steps. They may be a little more expensive in the short-term, but protects your home and family.

  1. The installer should double-check the equipment and ductwork sizing of the new system to make sure it is the properly sized to fit your home.

  2. The installer should be licensed, insured, and should take the time to pull a permit, which will require a 3rd party to inspect their work.

  3. The installer should follow manufactured recommended practices during the installation. Such as verifying the proper electrical, venting, refrigeration line practices, and condensate system design and installation.

  4. The installer should properly start-up and test the equipment to make sure it is functioning per design and operates in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

  5. Finally, the installer should register the equipment with the manufacturer and close out the job with the final inspections to validate that the work is completed per code.

All of these steps take time to do properly; but in the end you will have the right-size system, which is properly installed and will provide years of comfort and an energy-efficient operation. It is a smart investment to have a qualified company that can correctly install your new system.

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🍁Autumn is upon us!🍁 It’s time to open those windows. During this time of the year our HVAC system should be running less due to the milder temperatures during the day. Here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air we recommend opening your windows to improve your indoor air quality. The fresh air exchange from outdoors to indoors allows concentrated pollutants inside of your home to be replaced with fresh outdoor air. This creates a better, cleaner and healthier indoor environment naturally. Call us today to find out even more on how to improve your family's indoor air quality. #cleanair #iaq #voc #freshair #hvac #engineeredcomfort

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