Good day homeowners. Here at Blue Ridge Heating & Air we are always striving to keep families safe and comfortable in your homes. We are also here to raise awareness in regards to the safety of HVAC operations. We have found several natural gas leaks in homes built within the last four years close to our Garlington Rd. location here in Greenville, SC. If you currently own a home in this area that has been built in the last four years and that uses natural gas for heating, cooking and/or other services we encourage you to have a licensed technician inspect your gas system. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions comments or concerns. #safety

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After recently servicing a couple of homes in a 35 year old Greenville county neighborhood, we are finding issues that can only originate from unpermited work. Not only do we find issues that affect the operation and efficiency of the system, but also we discover alarming safety issues. We advise checking your gas furnace exhaust flue attachment - today. These pictures are from two different homes Blue Ridge Heating and Air serviced in this Greenville county neighborhood. When the flue is not physically attached and sealed, combustion exhaust can fill up either your crawlspace or attic. Just as it's known not to run a car in a closed garage, this is the same principle. Carbon monoxide is deadly. The picture of the charred wood speaks for itself. We strongly advise that you require your HVAC installation company to pull a county permit and inspection when you change your system—This is to protect You. Please look at the details of your estimates to know what you're getting. Watch out for permitting, venting, labor warranty, duct system sizing, & equipment sizing. Please let us know if we can help you. Click here to schedule a service call or call 864.485.6509.

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Filters are a necessary part of your home's heating and air system; however, we find they are often neglected. We find many filters long overdue for replacement. Per the US Department of Energy, "Replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner's energy consumption by 5% to 15%." This picture is from a customer's system we serviced for the first time in September. Nasty, but not unusual.

Blue Ridge Heating and Air is now a Filter Fetch dealer. You can have the filters drop-shipped to your home, and set up reminders to change your filters. Follow the link on the image below to get your filter deliveries arranged today!

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